FIFA World Cup 2014


Celebrating the World Cup in Brazil has been a great experience so far. I’ve really got a chance to see how crazy for soccer Brazilians are and I feel that it has given me a greater understanding of Brazilian culture. My husband, son and I spent the opening game of the World Cup at our neighbors house across the street. It was a typical middle class get together of Brazilians. There was churrasqueira (barbecue), ceveja (beer), and a lot of noise makers. I’ve never in my life been to a sports party where I’ve seen so much enthusiasm and again noise. When Brazil scored a goal the volume of noise in that house was close to breaking the sound barrier. What I love most about the World Cup is that it brings together everyone in the culture, from the young to the very old everyone watches the World Cup. I bet even the small amount of people protesting in the streets are secretly at home watching the World Cup because it is impossible for them to not watch it, it is imprinted on their genes.


Soccer Night!

I will admit that my blog tends to be a little girlie but here is something for the men. Last night my husband had soccer night with his two friends from Yale at our place. One of the guys is from Argentina and really likes soccer a lot and the other is Italian and doesn’t like soccer at all?

We ordered pizza and bought beer in order for it to be a really manly night, but in reality the three of them mainly talked about politics and even gossiped a little. In between the talk of politics, eating and drinking; my husband and his Argentine friend did manage to watch a soccer match.

Which brings me to the discussion about Brazilians and soccer or “fútbol.” One thing that most Americans know about Brazilians is that they like soccer. They may not know what language Brazilians speak but they definitely know this. Americans are right in knowing this because without exaggeration Brazilians are diehard soccer fans!

I actually admire Brazilians for being so passionate about one sport because in the US sports are so fragmented and although you do have diehard fans; I find it is becoming few and far between. One of the first things my husband asks people when he first meets them is who is you soccer team? That is because everyone in Brazil has a soccer team! One of my favorite things about living in Brazil is that on Wednesday and Sunday nights (Soccer nights), you can hear your neighbors yelling at the TV. Last night as we were getting ready to fall asleep we heard, “Son of a B*#$ referee (in Portuguese). I don’t know why but I love this about Brazilians maybe because it shows how passionate they are.

My goal is to one day see a soccer game at a stadium because I’ve heard that this is where you really get to see how crazy about soccer Brazilians are. My husband is hesitant to take me but I think I can persuade him!