Simple Pleasures

2013-11-09 14.14.50

One of the nice things about our neighborhood is that only a couple of blocks down our street we have a small market, pizza/movie place, and of course a bakery. The whole family loves to walk down to get bread, milk, or even a movie (even our dog gets excited). It is wonderful to get away from the traffic and fast pace of Sao Paulo and feel like we live a small town every once in awhile.


Simple Pleasures

One afternoon after church my husband and I were talking to the daughter of one of our friends. My husband asked the girl, “What is your favorite food?” and she said “Mac and cheese.” Living in Brazil my husband was surprised by her answer and asked her, “How do you know about mac and cheese?” And she replied, “WalMart’s Great Value!”

So the next week we went to WalMart and sure enough in the imported section was mac and cheese. Apparently WalMart in Brazil imports items from their Great Value brand as well as other items. But these items are few and Walmart does not consistently import the same things, so one month you have Mac and Cheese and the next is salsa. The nice thing is that these items are reasonably priced unlike other imported food in Brazil.

We have found a lot of exciting things in the imported section at Walmart and last month I found these: Reese’s peanut butter cups! Where were they when I was pregnant?

Simple Pleasures

The other night I was craving Reese’s peanut butter cups and so my husband searched online to see if we could find them in São Paulo. Nope, apparently Brazilians have not jumped on the peanut butter and chocolate band wagon. Fortunately, two of my huband’s friends from Yale are staying with us this week and when they asked what they could bring from America, he said, “Bring Reese’s peanut butter cups for my wife.” Now I have a nice little supply!