The Book is on the Table…

“The book is on the table” is a common expression for Brazilian’s when they are planning on or actually starting English classes. And no I am not starting English classes, but I am teaching English!

I finally got my first job in Sao Paulo and no surprise it is teaching English. This is probably the most common job opportunity for foreigners coming to Sao Paulo because you don’t have to be fluent in Portuguese to teach English. And after 7 months of Portuguese classes, I am still not fluent:(

Sao Paulo has about a million (I’m exaggerating a little) language schools in the city. I feel like you see one on every corner. There are major chains like “Wise up”and “CELP” but there are also several privately owned schools all around. That is how I came to teach English; a guy at our church owns a school (Renaissance Idiomas) and needed “Native Speakers” to teach English.

It’s really not hard, I just go to the offices of the students and speak English with then while correcting their grammar and pronunciation. I make okay money for what I do, but right now I only have two students because I don’t want to over do it while pregnant. I met another girl teaching English who works at four different schools and just about works full-time, so if you do need the money you can make it work. Prices range for teaching classes from about R$30/hr to R$80/hr. Or if you are of the entrepreneurial type you can teach classes on your own, although I don’t recommend it for women, this is Brazil afterall.