Simple Pleasures

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One of the nice things about our neighborhood is that only a couple of blocks down our street we have a small market, pizza/movie place, and of course a bakery. The whole family loves to walk down to get bread, milk, or even a movie (even our dog gets excited). It is wonderful to get away from the traffic and fast pace of Sao Paulo and feel like we live a small town every once in awhile.


4 thoughts on “Simple Pleasures

  1. Hello! My husband just called (he’s in Switzerland for work) and informed me Sao Paulo has a position open for him. We’ve been expats for 7.5 years and currently live in Kiev, Ukraine. (We’ve also lived in Paris, France & Moscow, Russia). We are both American from near Chicago. Wanted to ask what you think of SP and any advice you have? I have to tell him if I’d consider it or not…Thank You in advance! Jenn 🙂

    • Hi Jenn!
      Well, it sounds like you have a very nice opportunity. As far as what I think of SP, I think (like every city) it has its positives and negatives. One thing you should know, compared to the other places you have lived SP is ugly. Paris, Moscow, and Kiev are all beautiful cities compared to SP, but I have found that after living here for awhile, I don’t see all the graffiti and old ugly buildings like I used to and at times there are places in SP that I find beautiful. Also by living in SP you have the opportunity to visit some of the spectacular places in Brazil that are absolutely gorgeous, like Rio, Iguaçu falls, or the Amazon.

      Apart from being ugly, SP is also complicated. Traffic is horrible (so live near you work if you can) and to get things done takes twice as long as the US.

      Cost of living here will be better than Paris but around the same as Moscow and Kiev. If you get paid in dollars rather than Reis (Brazilian currency) then you will have much more money to work with as the exchange rate is 1 dollar to 2.4 Reis. Rents are high, eating out is expensive, and goods are expensive, but eating at home is relatively cheaper than in America.

      Finally, the biggest positive to moving to Sao Paulo would be the Brazilian people. They are one of the friendliness people in the world. They are truly the heart of Brazil.
      I hope that some of this helps. If you have any more questions feel free to ask anytime.
      Good Luck!

      • Hi ASLP–Thank you so much! I was thinking Switzerland was our next spot and he comes up with SP! Are there many Americans? Are you in any English speaking clubs? How about healthcare? I have read about the Brazilian people–they they are extremely welcoming & friendly. We get paid in USD so that would be a good thing. Even here in Kiev, there are many beautiful buildings, but also many dilapidated, run-down buildings and the government doesn’t have money for the parks–so they aren’t great–not maintained. Here is my regular email address– you email me yours? Thanks again for your insight! Jenn

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