Crazy Weather


My husband and I were watching the news last night and the weather showed a thunderstorm coming in from Argentina. It is spring here and with spring comes crazy weather. Actually the weather here can be unpredictable during any season but it especially gets crazy during spring and fall.  Just last weekend it was incredibly hot, we brought out the fans, stripped the blankets from our beds and wore shorts.  Two days later we put the blankets back on our beds, and were wearing sweaters again.

It’s hard to keep up with the weather here sometimes and to make matters worse (like most apartments in Sao Paulo) our apartment is not climate controlled. This means that we have to use fans and space heaters to keep things comfortable. Fortunately Sao Paulo doesn’t get extremely hot because our building doesn’t allow air conditioning units in the windows. Even at 10 months pregnant in the middle of summer here I never felt we needed an air conditioning unit.

Other places in Brazil have much more extreme climates. Rio de Janeiro gets sweltering in the summer and is extremely humid, so air conditioning is a must. Cuiaba is also very hot year round but it is a very dry heat. Curitiba is extremely cold in the winter but there is no heating, so 40 degrees F can feel like 0 degrees.

If you are planning to move to Sao Paulo, it would be smart to pack a variety of clothing options. For winter, jeans are a must but don’t worry about thermals unless you are planning a trip to Curitiba. A couple of light sweaters and a couple of heavy sweaters are important because some days can get cold and don’t forget your scarves. One light jacket and one moderate to heavy jacket will do the trick (no snow suits needed). And finally (If you are a women) one pair of boots will do, or you can buy a pair here because they have incredible shoes here. For summer, capris, shorts, t-shirts, tank tops, and sandals, are all the essentials but keep in mind you may be wearing jeans and a light sweater at times because of this crazy weather!


photo by Roman Zangl


One thought on “Crazy Weather

  1. This is one of my favourite things about living in Brazil! The endless skies filled with lightning and black, black clouds, are like nothing I ever saw in the UK!

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