Unofficially Halloween


If you live in Sao Paulo and haven’t noticed by now, there are quite a few places celebrating Halloween this year. I’ve seen decorations in the windows of several stores and places of business. Halloween is not an official holiday in Brazil but more and more Brazilians are beginning to embrace this new tradition. My husband says that he doesn’t see the problem with Brazilians celebrating Halloween because it is such a cool holiday.

Now that I have a son I feel it twice as important to celebrate American holidays here in Sao Paulo; I want him to get the same exposure as Brazilian holidays. So this year I set out to find him a place to trick or treat. This proved to be a bit limiting because even though more Brazilians are celebrating Halloween, it is mainly in the form of adults at clubs and bars. However, I was able to find a kids party at the American Society of Sao Paulo.

Last weekend we went to the Halloween party at the American Society and my son had a blast. They had games and treats for the older kids, a pumpkin patch, and trick or treating for younger kids as well as the older kids and a haunted house (which we did not attend). The cost was R$50 which I think was decent for all they provided.

Next year I think I am going to go around to our neighbors in our building in advance and let them know that my son will be by on Halloween night to Trick or Treat. I got the idea from an article about Halloween in Brazil on the website The article also said that some parents send their kids out without warning to neighbors and they come back with some interesting items…bag of beans?



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