No Thanks!

One of my favorite holidays in the United States is Thanksgiving. Maybe it’s because I was born around this time or maybe it just all the yummy food and family; I don’t know but I love it. Unfortunately, Thanksgiving is slowly being dissolved by the retail industry and a little thing known as Black Friday.

Black Friday started out as just a day of shopping after Thanksgiving day because people were already off and Christmas was just around the corner. The term “Black” is from the stores turning a profit and being in the black. It wasn’t until the late 2000’s that Black Friday has become what it is today…maddness. And it wasn’t until last year that stores like Walmart were opening at 10pm on Thanksgiving day. This year they are opening at 8pm, so the creeping has begun and soon Thanksgiving day, a day of being “Thankful” (not greedy) will be a distant memory.

Well I thought at least living in Brazil I would get a reprieve from all of the consumer hoopla, but unfortunately Black Friday has followed me here! You may be asking yourself, does Brazil have Thanksgiving? Well no, but because of the retail success of Black Friday in America, there is a movement in Brazil to adopt this day. The date of Black Friday is still based on the landing of the American holiday Thanksgiving or Ação de Graças but without the hassle of having a Thanksgiving holiday. Also Black Friday in Brazil is not called Sexta Preta as literally translated, it’s called Back Friday in English.

I guess there is no getting away from the consumerism of the world. I can’t say that I am surprised though, with Brazil’s booming economy and Brazilian’s love for shopping the malls are already packed. For more information about Black Friday in Brazil (in portuguese) go to


One thought on “No Thanks!

  1. Have you seen the jokes people were making about the Black Friday in Brazil? In all the social medias (facebook, twitter, and so on), people were joking that here in Brazil, during the Black Friday everything costs half of twice the normal price… I don’t know how this happens around the world, but here it’s a lack of respect and an abuse on the lack of information and marketing culture of the consumers… Suppose a product costs R$100, it’s the normal price. Then somedays before the big event, they annouce this product for, let’s say, R$180 or R$200… then during the day everybody run to the shopping, they announce a big cutoff in the prices, lowering this to may be R$130, or R$110….. you got the reasoning… it’s not something that happens everywhere, but there are big markets adopting this practice and it’s difficult to fight it, because since the price was higher somedays before, they actually didn’t do anything illegal, and this discussion is complicated (shouldn’t be, I think…). Does anything similar happen in USA?:

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