What do Brazilians eat on their waffles?

What do Brazilians eat on their waffles? This is a serious question, no really I would really like to know…

I love waffles and for the first four months of living here I have made my own waffles at home with a waffle iron we got for our wedding. The problem is that this is not a daily morning breakfast thing but more of a once a week on the weekends routine. So you can appreciate my excitement when my husband and I found frozen waffles in the grocery store the other day. The only problem was that at home I put blueberries in my waffles and eat them with butter, but these waffles were plain. So my husband and I decided to look for syrup. We tracked it down in the baking aisle and the only brand they had was maple syrup imported from Canada for the reasonable price of R$57.00. This is about $28.50 dollars. Are they insane? Who would pay almost $30 for maple syrup? And does anyone actually buy this?

Well, we return to the grocery store the next week and randomly, as I was walking by the ice cream aisle (my favorite aisle), I saw another brand of syrup in the topping section. This was a Brazilian brand of syrup and the price was only R$16.00 or $8.00 dollars. Still this seems not right to me, why is syrup (made in Brazil) so expensive. My only guess is that this is a relatively new product and the company wants to ensure a good profit margin.

So back to my original question…If Brazilians buy R$5.00 frozen waffles, what do they put on them? Or do they eat them plain? I guess I am going to have to continue to eat strawberries on my waffles and my husband eats cream cheese on his until Brazilians discover the incredibleness of syrup. Because there is no way I am paying R$16.00 for syrup!


One thought on “What do Brazilians eat on their waffles?

  1. Hi. We actually don’t eat waffles in Sao Paulo. Nobody around here knows what is a syrup. But there is a new waffle and crepes house in Vila Olimpia Shopping.

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