My Computer Was Taken Captive!

Well, I think it has been about a month now since my last blog. Today finally after all that time I finally got my computer back and again I am free to write.

A month ago my dear sweet Nina was running around our living room with her cousin Bobbie and surprise surprise she tripped over my charger cord and broke my computer. At first I thought it was just the charger cord so my husband researched and found one in Brazil for about R$180.00. Fortunately my husband’s uncle was traveling to the United States that following week and offered to buy me one there. It cost me $14.95 on Amazon.

He arrived two weeks later and the charger fit perfectly but I noticed it wasen’t charging. So we took my computer to a local Toshiba certified repair shop. The guy there charged us R$100.00 just for a diagnostic (which we later found out was a rip off) and he found that the internal portion of the charger was broken and it cost an additional R$250.00. We had no choice but to pay at this point because we were already R$100.00 into it.

After two weeks in the repair shop we go to pick up my computer only to find that the key board was not working. The guy kept the computer another week and found that the key board was broken. After getting the parts and repairing the computer, today it was finally ready and it is working great.

I know its been a month but the good new is I have several ideas for future blogs, so hopefully this month will be better than the last!


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