The Bagel Factory

I know, I know, I did what all bloggers are not suppose to do…I stopped blogging. Sorry about that, the last two weeks have been really busy and I have been sick so blogging took a back seat. But I have something really cool to share; São Paulo has bagels! This past weekend my husband, our brother-in-law and I went on a hunt for bagels and thanks to my husband’s cousin, we found The Bagel Factory.

Located in Moema on Avenida Moema, 88 – Moema São Paulo , 04077-020, Brazil, this little shop makes great bagels! We each decided to get a couple, I got blueberry and cinnamon raisin and they were both wonderful. My husband got an everything bagel which he liked very much. And our brother-in-law got the parmesan cheese bagel which he said was awesome. The only problem is that we only got two bagels each and those didn’t last very long, so next time we will stock up for the week. The price of the bagels were very reasonable as well R$2.60, or $1.30 dollars.

The shop also sells bagel sandwiches which we didn’t try but looked really good. We asked them if you could find bagels anywhere else and they said they only sell to one grocery store in São Paulo called Casa Santa Luiza. So if you are craving bagels, definitely give this place a try!


5 thoughts on “The Bagel Factory

  1. Glad to know you are feeling better. I was worried when I didn’t see any posts. I’m trying to blog more…getting there — I want to be more like you!

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