Beauty Services

One of the best things about living in Brazil is that in general services are pretty cheap. For a woman this is a wonderful thing because everything from your hair to your nails is reasonably priced. I wish that I could tell you that I found some great salons in São Paulo, but the truth is I had a really hard time getting into any of them. And for convenience purposes I ended getting both my first haircut and my first wax in Brazil in Curitiba.

Things to know about getting your haircut: everything is not included, the wash, cut and style are all priced out so you need to specify that you want all three. The woman who cut my hair did a fabulous job and she also blow dried my hair straighter than it has ever been in Brazil. Unfortunately I do not have the natural frizz free Brazilian hair and living in a tropical country has only made my frizzy hair angrier.

Getting a wax in Brazil was a bit intimidating at first but it ended up being the best wax I’ve ever gotten. The woman was extremely professional and I felt no pain. When I left I tipped her R$10.00 (approx. $5.00 dollars) and she hugged me like I had given her a hundred dollar tip. I found this also to be true when I tipped the girl for my manicure as well. That’s the thing with services in Brazil, Brazilians don’t generally tip for anything, but being the American that I am I couldn’t help myself.


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