The Hot Vet

We’ve had Nina for almost two weeks now and I kept bugging my husband for us to take her to the veterinarian just for a routine checkup. My husband’s sister is a vet and went to the University of São Paulo; so we asked her for a reference. She gave a woman’s name and we emailed her but she no longer lives in São Paulo. She gave us another name and again that woman no longer lives in São Paulo. Since we were striking out right and left we decided to go to my mother-in-laws vet because we are traveling to Curitiba this weekend for Mother’s Day.

In the meantime, we have been taking Nina to a small park near our place to get some exercise and play. We met a very nice woman there who is a dog walker and has a dog of her own named Alice. Nina loves Alice but because Alice is an older dog she doesn’t really like to play. Alice’s owner was kind enough to refer us to vet within walking distance of our place. She said that all of the women she works for take their dogs there and really like Dr. Randi.

Wednesday as we were walking home from the park, we stopped into the vet’s office to make an appointment. They happen to have an appointment in 30 minutes so we decided to wait. As soon as I saw the vet I could see why all the women in the neighborhood are taking their dogs to him. Only in Brazil do you find a veterinarian that looks like a model. The vets back home were all old men or women. Nina got her check up, everything was okay and the vet was very nice. When we got home my husband and I were joking about how good-looking the vet was. Finally he said jokingly, “You are never to take Nina there alone!”

If there are any single ladies out there with a dog or if you’re just looking for a good vet that is reasonably priced and live in V. Madalena, here is Dr. Randi’s information:

Dr. Randi

Randi Centro Médico Veterinário

Rua Agissê, 35 – Vila Madalena

São Paulo, SP 05439-010




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