Mexican food on Cinco de Mayo

My husband, two of our friends, and I went to a Mexican restaurant in São Paulo this Saturday to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Americans, especially Californians, often celebrate Cinco de Mayo probably because America and Mexico have such a close relationship and Mexican food has a huge impact on America culture. Brazilians on the other hand could care less about Cinco de Mayo and most Brazilians don’t even like Mexican food. This makes it extremely difficult to find good Mexican food in Brazil.

After a little bit of research and reading of reviews we decided to go to “El Kabong.” Like almost all Mexican restaurants in Brazil, El Kabong is a nice sit down restaurant with prices averaging about R$40.00 a plate, with drinks included you are looking at a bill of around R$260 for 4 people. But if you like Mexican food and are craving it, this place is worth it. The four of us ordered three different plates and all shared to get a good range of Mexican food. My favorite out of all of the dishes was the Fajitas; they were awesome! The Fajitas are actually for two people and comes with a lot of food including chips, refried beans, sour, cream, guacamole, cheese, and of course the Fajita meat. My only disappointment was that they only gave us four tortillas which were not enough and so we had to order four more which they charged us R$2.50 each.

We also order two combination plates which included a taco, burrito, taquito, chimichanga, and enchilada. Everything was good but the enchilada was terrible. The cheese had a weird taste and the enchilada sauce had much to be desired. All of the plates also came with chips, a small amount of refried beans, sour cream, guacamole, and salsa. It was a lot of food!

For drinks I ordered a red fruit margarita and our fried ordered a regular lime margarita, we both agreed not the best margarita we’ve ever tasted. So if you are planning on drinking I recommend sticking to the imported Mexican beer.

As for El Kabong, I recommend going there if you are in the mood for Mexican food and I am definitely planning on going back.



2 thoughts on “Mexican food on Cinco de Mayo

  1. Interesting read! I recall a Mexican Restaurant called “El Mariachi” when I visited São Paulo back in 2000. I have no idea if it’s still in existence, but it was run by an American woman from California, and her husband, who I believe was from Europe. This place had EXCELLENT MEXICAN FOOD, and the prices were very reasonable. They even had strolling mariachis! They had a website, if I recall. Anyway, you may want to look it up. If it’s still around, it’s a great place for Mexican food! Cheers!

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