Damming the Amazon is Complicated


I saw this video this weekend on the NYTimes website; this is a very controversial subject about building hydroelectric dams in the Amazon because it can cause flooding, deforestation as well as displacement of the Native Brazilians.

I find that most Brazilians have mixed emotions about this situation. My Portuguese teacher Lavenia and I discussed it in class on Friday, and she described the situation as a double-edged sword because both energy and the Amazon are important concerns in Brazil. I think if America was in the same situation as Brazil we wouldn’t hesitate building the dam because of the amount of clean energy it would produce to run our iPhones, iPads, Laptops, etc.

I found this video to be a little bias and self-righteous. I definitely think Brazil has the opportunity to both build the dam and help millions of Brazilians get affordable energy and do the right thing if it affects the Native Brazilian’s water source. With this issue I can see both sides of the argument and what I think will need to happen in the end is a compromise.



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