Villa Lobos Park

Yesterday it was a holiday in Brazil, Dia do Trabalho (Labor Day), and so my husband and I decided to take our new little pup to the dog park at Villa Lobos Park. It was a nice Fall day, cool but not too cold yet, and so we invited our friend from Argentina to come along.

Villa Lobos Park is a beautiful, green treasure inside the concrete jungle that is São Paulo. It is one of the best parks I have been to, including ones in America. There are so many options at Villa Lobos Park, whichever outdoor recreation you like they likely have it. The park is approximately 750 square meters (8073 square feet) and has plenty of green lawns, bike paths, running paths, soccer courts, basketball courts, tennis courts, climbing walls, and playgrounds. They have picnic areas and benches, shaded areas and wide open fields of grass and of course a small dog park as well as a large dog park. Little Nina loved it!

During the week the park is not as crowded but it is estimated that 3 to 5 thousand people go there. On weekends and apparently holidays, the park is crowded and has approximately 20 to 30 thousand people. Amazingly even with all of those people, the park was still very enjoyable and it was a great afternoon for all!

I really love running and biking so I will definitely be going back to Villa Lobos Park in the near future. You can check out their website and get a park map at, however, everything is in Portuguese.


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