Comfort Foods

Blogging like life has its highs and lows.  This week I’ve found it very difficult to come up with a blog topic; it’s not like I don’t have a plethora of topics to talk about, it’s that nothing this week has inspired me. And I’m not saying São Paulo has lost its excitement for me, it’s just nothing happened this week to lend a good story.

So I decided in my depths of despair of writers block to turn to the only real thing that brings me comfort…food. So what does this have to do with São Paulo? Well, finding comfort foods in São Paulo from whatever country you are from can be quite a challenge. As I lay in bed last night I was thinking of all of the daily foods in America that I miss like: English muffins, bagels, tacos, burritos, tortilla chips, apple pie, muffins, hamburgers, alfredo sauce, Reese’s peanut butter cups (I could go on for hours). Some of these things you can actually find in São Paulo while others you either make from scratch or you will never find. And some things I have replaced with my Brazilian favorites like pão de queijo and brigadeiros.

This week my husband took me to a nice grocery store in Jardins neighborhood called Casa Santa Luiza  It is an expensive market but it has a lot of variety of Brazilian brands as well as imports. I was elated when I found a medium size bag of Brazilian brand corn tortilla chips called Garytos, and they were only R$4,00 or approximately $2.20 dollars. But the grand prize of the trip was that I actually found sour cream.

I love sour cream! Not only do I use it for Mexican dishes like tacos but I also use it for baked potatoes, cooking, dips and baking. Brazilians have not discovered how wonderful sour cream is yet and until this week I have never found it in the grocery store. My quest for sour cream began several years ago when my husband lived in Rio de Janeiro. We went to several stores and never found it, we even went to a Mexican restaurant and asked them where they get theirs and it turns out they make it themselves. One of the chefs at Gringo Café in Rio told me how to make it and I tried it once but it just wasn’t the same. At Casa Santa Luiza we actually found a Brazilian manufacturer of sour cream and guess what the product was called, Sour Cream (In English). The only problem is that this brand cost R$15,00 or $8.30 dollars for a very small tub. Fortunately Casa Santa Luiza also makes their own sour cream called “Crème de leite azedo” and sells it for R$6,00 or $3.30 dollars for a bigger tub than “Sour Cream.”

All I can say is that these two finds at Casa Santa Luiza have brought me a lot of comfort this week! But I would like to hear from you, Brazilians and Americans or whatever country you are from, what are your comfort foods?


4 thoughts on “Comfort Foods

  1. Hello Terea!
    Answering your question, comfort food for me is: brigadeiro, and….coxinha, pao de queijo, feijoada, churrasco, barreado, nega-maluca, farofa, pao de batata com catupiry, suco de maracuja…. and the list goes on and on! I guess I will be a fat old lady after all!!!!!
    Miss you guys! Hope your having a great time in your new city and home! Say hi to Nano and Nina!



  2. As you have probably noticed from all my comments, I’m going through most of your posts and was going to ask if you’ve found sour cream. I’ve been going crazy looking for it. THANK HEAVENS!! I’m going to Casa Santa Luzia ASAP.

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