One of my favorite things in all of Brazil is Açaí. Açaí is a berry that comes from an Açaí Palm that is indigenous to Central and South America. In Brazil they take the pulp of Açaí and turn it into a yummy frozen ice cream like consistency and it can be served with either fruit or granola.

The great thing about Açaí is unlike ice cream it is healthy for you. It is high in calories but the majority of the calories are from dietary fiber which is much better. Açaí is also has a lot of protein, iron, and healthy fats. There are several studies out there on the antioxidant effects of Açaí and other health benefits, although nothing has been substantially proven all I can tell you is that it tastes great!

My husband and I were at the paint store a couple of weeks ago and across the street was a place that sells Açaí called Açaí Frooty. This is a popular brand of Açaí that you can find in the grocery stores. We sat down and ordered two Pequeno (small) bowls of Açaí which turned out to be medium size bowls in reality. I ate my entire bowl and after my husband had finished his after only a few bites, I finished off his. What can I say? I LOVE Açaí!

Here is the American website for Açaí Frooty http://www.frootyacai.com/, there is a section for where you can buy it, but only my friends in California can try it.

Here is the Brazilian website if you want to stop by the store it is on RUA NATINGUI, 700 – VILA MADALENA / SÃO PAULO. http://www.acaifrooty.com.br/


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