Embu das Artes

Saturday my husband took me to Embu das Artes. Embu is town located about 20 minutes outside São Paulo and its history has led it to be a city of artists. The city was founded in 1554 by Jesuits whose objective was to convert the native people to Catholics. Then in 1937 Cassio M’Boy, a religious sculpture, won first prize at the Exposition Internationel d’Arts Techniques du Paris which began the formation of the city of artists.

Today Embu das Artes, is a cute little town with cobble stone streets and about a hundred little shops. These shops sell anything from repurposed furniture, hand craft home décor, specialty foods, wine, cheese, clothing, and jewelry. In-between the shops along the pathway are about a hundred little stands selling all kinds of hand craft items. The entire town is like a very nice street market.

My husband and I are still trying to furnish our apartment and furniture in São Paulo is expensive. We found several nice pieces at Embu das Artes that were very reasonably priced and made of quality wood. We only bought a couple of nightstands this week because that was all that would fit in our car but we are absolutely going back soon. I definitely recommend this place, even to tourists, because it is a lovely day of shopping with several restaurants for lunch but you must have a car to get there.


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