Why do Americans hate farofa?

I know that this is a very touchy subject and my husband warned me against writing about it because Brazilians are very nationalistic about farofa, but I have to talk about it. No matter where I am whenever I go out to dinner with Brazilians I always get asked, “Do you like farofa?”

First of all, what is farofa? There are several variations of farofa but basically it is manioc flour toasted with butter, spices, and bacon. That doesn’t sound so bad does it? So why do I say that Americans hate farofa? It’s because all of the Brazilians I have met tell me that Americans don’t like it. And I myself don’t like. The best way I can describe farofa is a grainy tasteless texture put on food; not very appetizing in my opinion but Brazilians love it!

My husband once met an American woman who loved farofa and put it on everything. I would like to meet this woman because to be honest I don’t get it. Farofa doesn’t really add anything to the meal for me and the food is just as good without it. So why do most Americans hate farofa? I’m sure it is a cultural thing; if farofa was made out of trans fats covered in high-fructose corn syrup I’m sure Americans would love it. Maybe one day I will learn to love farofa but for now I am good without it. However, I do encourage Americans to at least try it once and form your own opinion and who knows maybe I am wrong and farofa will be the next ketchup.


4 thoughts on “Why do Americans hate farofa?

  1. Terea.

    Agora que você está tendo aulas, eu vou escrever em português.

    Rolei de dar risada com o seu depoimento. Você é a primeira pessoa que disse que “Americanos não gostam de farofa…”. Vou pedir pra você conversar com alguns de NY que eu conheci que só faltaram contrabandear isso para Manhattan…

    Ou seja, você está coberta de razão sobre o ponto de que nem todos os americanos gostam de farofa. Mas dizer que é a maioria? Acho que não… Eu imagino que sejam uns 50/50.

    No seu caso, eu já falei, deixa eu voltar para o Brasil que eu vou te apresentar uma farofa decente. Se nem assim você gostar, eu desisto.


    José Armando

    • Jose,
      I will write to you English as my Portuguese is not very good yet. I’m glad that you like my post and you are probably right it may be more like 50/50 but it just seems like more. I look forward to you changing my mind about farofa!

  2. Hi Terea,
    Not sure if you remember me!! I’m Ana Marcia’s friend who lives in NJ.
    I LOVE what you write! I try to explain a lot of things to my fiancé -Jermaine- who is American, but I rather read your stories to him.
    This Farofa text was AMAZING. lol
    Jermaine calls it “Brazilian sand”. He agrees with you, “it is a grainy thing that adds no flavor”. And I love it!! Hahahahah

    Thank you for sharing your experiences with us!! :o)

    • Oi Thais,
      Tudo bem? Of course I remember you! Thank you for your kind words, I’m glad both you and Jermaine enjoy my blogging. Congrats on your upcoming marriage!

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