Feliz Páscoa!

It has been a long week! I have been painting our guest room all week, plus we bought a new dining room table, chairs, and dishwasher  which were all delivered today. Not to mention the fact we are leaving for Curitiba tomorrow for Easter and our car broke down and we had to spend R$1300 to fix it. And to top it all off we have a guest coming this weekend to stay with us and so I had to hurry up and finish the guest room. So it is good to get out-of-town for a break! But before I do I wanted to comment on Brazilian Easter (Páscoa). One of the interesting things about Páscoa here is that the main gift to one another is a chocolate egg. In the US we give chocolate bunny’s which they also have here, but there are far more eggs. Its gets really elaborate; some eggs are filled with additional chocolates. There are also upscale eggs like Lindt chocolate eggs or Ferroro Rhocher eggs. Even Starbucks jumped on the band wagon and have their own chocolate eggs. I’ve posted some pics so you get the idea.  I will write more when I get back from Curitiba, hope you have a great Easter!


2 thoughts on “Feliz Páscoa!

  1. I vote for chocolate eggs — actually, anything with chocolate in it!! Happy Easter to you and Feliciano!

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