Farmer’s Market

I am very lucky because every Wednesday morning there is a little farmer’s market right outside my building. My husband is at work during this time, so last week he called me and said, “Don’t forget the farmer’s market today, go buy us some lettuce and let’s see if you can make it.” I was definitely for the challenge; the first thing I did once I got off the phone was go look up lettuce in Portuguese in my English to Portuguese dictionary (alface).

The farmer’s market starts at the corner of my building on Rua Cayowaa (Cayowaa street) in the Vila Madelena neighborhood. It goes for a couple of blocks down and has exceptional variety considering it is a small market. As I travel down the rows looking for my conquest several of the venders greet me and say “Bom dia” or good morning. Occasionally one of the venders would say something in Portuguese that I didn’t understand and so my response would always be “Não obrigada” (No thank you). My husband later joked when I told him this, “They were probably asking you, What is your name?” And I responded, No thank you.

I finally reached the lettuce and let me just say it was beautiful, all the produce was. I had just bought some rabanete (radishes) from the store for R$3,99 and they were these brown little shriveled things. The rabanete here were plump and reddish pink and only R$3,00. I asked the vender, “Um Alface, por favor” he looked at me for a minute and then said something to another man who helped me promptly.

Unfortunately, lettuce is really all we needed because we had just been shopping on Monday, but comparing the prices with the product I found that this farmer’s market was by far the better deal. So now every week this is where we will get our produce. The only down side to the farmers market is that for one day our corner smells like fish.


6 thoughts on “Farmer’s Market

  1. Que maravilha!!!!! esta aprendendo rápido o portugues! Uma feira livre em frente de casa é otimo. Verduras e legumes sempre fresquinhos!

    • I’ve actually had sugar cane juice before in Curitiba and I got really sick, so I don’t think I will be trying that again but I will definitely try the pastel; Luis says they are really good too!

      • Terea…

        We must have a very serious conversarion. You are the first american that doesn’t like sugar cane juice and/or farofa. I don’t know which awful places Nano has taken you to eat, but we have to change this. This is something really not acceptable! 🙂 As soon as our home has the minimum conditions for hosting friends I’ll prepare farofa in my way for you to taste it again. The sugar cane juice I’ll look for the right farmer’s market for you to taste it.

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