Japantown is located in the Liberdade neighborhood in São Paulo. Liberdade means “freedom” or “liberty” in Portuguese because the ship that the Japanese took to get to São Paulo was named liberty in Japanese. Japantown is home to the largest Japanese community outside of Japan in the world and it is a cool place to visit.

My husband took me to Liberdade for sushi and to visit the neighborhood. We had a great lunch and as we walked down the street we stopped in various houseware stores that had really nice hand painted tea sets, sushi plates and statues. Further down the street we stopped in a mini mall that was three levels and jam packed with little shops selling jewelry, comics, action figures, and video games. My husband said that teenagers who were into Emo liked this place but I found it to be comparable to Newbury Comics on steroids. I picked up a couple of trinkets for my cousins back home and we were back on the street.

On Liberdade square a small street fair was taking place as it always does on Saturdays, so if you are into Japanese hand crafts this is the place to go! On the way back to the car we saw several places for Karaoke; so we will definitely have to come back!


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